1. 2-5-2014

    The best Photomodels i have ever seen :-)

    • 2-6-2014

      Thank you Gudrun! :)

  2. 3-2-2014

    These are beautiful photos,they obviously care for each other very much.Animals could teach us so much if we would let them.Thank you for sharing them with us.xx

    • 3-2-2014

      Thank you Sandie, and I totally agree with you that animals can teach us a lot!

  3. 3-2-2014

    Wat schattig! Lieve!

    Groetjes uit Eindhoven

  4. 3-3-2014

    These pictures bring me so much joy!
    A happy life to you and your family……

    • 3-4-2014

      Thank you Ave, all the best for you and your family!

  5. 3-3-2014

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  6. 3-4-2014

    Thanks Wanda, that is nice to read!

  7. 3-8-2014

    Of that race is the dog exactly? I am charmed whit it!!

    • 3-8-2014

      Hi Sandra,
      Hessel is a chocolate labrador retriever!

  8. 3-24-2014

    wow .. beautiful pictures

  9. 4-1-2014

    Ik ben een fan van Hessel en Hannes. Ik vind de foto’s erg leuk.

  10. 4-2-2014

    Wat een heerlijke fotos! Zit met een grote grijns achter m’n computer the o-hen en te a-hen! Dank je wel. :-)

  11. 4-9-2014

    I love your photos of Hessel and Hannes! They obviously love each other very much and have a lot of fun together, thank you for sharing those pictures with us, Bert.

  12. 4-14-2014

    Is Hessel and Hannes your pets? I love them! They are adorable! we follow you on facebook!!

    • 4-14-2014

      thanks Valerie! Yes, Hessel and Hannes are my pets!

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